Laminating Makes Me Happy!

So I feel like I'm a first year teacher again even though I've been teaching for seven years. And it's all these amazing teacher bloggers' fault! They have set up these incredible blogs and supplement what they do there with their Facebook and Instagram pictures. How in the world these teachers have the time to update everything AND create custom products for Teachers Pay Teachers is beyond me. That's a goal of mine though; to learn how to create products to sell on TPT.

Anyway, so I've been following dozens of teachers online and it has inspired me to be a better teacher. I have all these new ideas (stolen from other teachers of course).

 I see the classroom creations they come up with, and I think, "I can do that too!" Most of the time I can't but it hypes me up at the moment. I've been downloading tons of resources this summer. Most of the stuff that you used to have to buy at teacher supply stores can now just be downloaded and used in the classroom. The one catch is though that if you want it to last, you have to laminate it. That's where the title of this blog comes in.

I bought a Scotch laminator from Amazon and it is my new baby. Seriously, the feeling of happiness that washes over me after I see the end result of my laminating is kind of scary. I've shown it off to everyone in my family. It was super cheap too. I think it was under 30 dollars. You have to buy the pouches separately, but Amazon has a good deal on those as well.

I've dedicated my first blog post to this essential machine. That's how much I love it. What did I do before it? Oh yea, buy things over again because they were ruined by the end of the year. No more of                                                                                    that folks!

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