I'm linking up with Amelia from Where The Wild Things Learn to share my daily schedule. I told her I would join this the day she posted about it on Instagram, and I finallllly got the chance. I hope I get this up soon because my daughter is also trying to make me play with her stuffed cat at the moment. 

My schedule looks a lot different than the ones I have been seeing which are based in public schools. I work in a private religious/Islamic school. It is much like any private school, such as Catholic schools, where the daily schedule is sprinkled with different types of religious studies. I don't teach any of the religion based subjects. I'm certified to teach regular 
K-9 subjects and focus on the four main areas- E.L.A, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

Our morning starts off with a 10 minute assembly conducted by our principal in the hallway. Right now our school is up to 9th grade. We add on a grade each year. It's still relatively small with a total of about 300 students from Pre-k through 9th. 

Afterwards, my first two periods are my E.L.A block. I have about 80 minutes to do EVERYTHING E.L.A related. We use the Scott Foresman Reading Street Series, and I use that as a base to know the skills to hit each week. However, I very rarely go through the plans or activities that they suggest. I see the targeted skills and gather my own resources to practice throughout the week. Let me tell you; trying to fit in modified daily 5, grammar, writing, spelling, etc...in 80 minutes a day with 27 students is TOUGH. It has taken a lot of trial and error to figure a method that works for me. 

read to self time with whisper phones and pillows


Monday and Friday, we have a double math block right after E.L.A. For the other three days in the middle,  another teacher comes in for the religious studies class. Students basically learn about the foundations and components of our religion in an engaging and interactive format. The teacher uses a lot of art projects to incorporate into the learning, so the kids really enjoy it.

During my math periods, I teach a mini lesson on the skill for the day and then depending on how much time we have, we will do centers (usually on the double block day), textbook pages, math interactive notebooks, and/or a math craft project that teaches the skill. 
Write your name in base ten blocks and calculate the place value.
Activity is FREE in TPT. CLICK HERE 

math craftivity

Then the next two periods are
when students have their other specials. I love having a double prep period then!! I usually go into the staff room with a bunch of work, but it is also a nice time to converse with the other teachers. I posted a picture on Instagram about what I found in my lunch box as I was cleaning it out this weekend. Sometimes I don't even have room in there to put my lunch! haha.

sticky tack, post it notes, variety of pens, stamps, and emergency granola bars to keep be going through the grading!
Afterwards, there is lunch and then prayer time where students from grade 2 and up go to do a daily prayer. In Islam, Muslims offer a prayer 5 times a day - each prayer has a time window. One of the prayers falls during school time and it is done in congregation. 

Next, we have gym or playtime. Gym is twice a week and the rest of the days, I can take them outside or have indoor playtime in the class. Oh, the indoor playtime days are hard! 27 kiddos in a medium sized room can conjure up quite the noise level. I can't wait for the weather to get better.

Last period is made up of Science 3 times a week, and S.S. two times. I try to add in E.L.A work and mix it into these subjects. Many times students will do collaborative group work and projects in these subjects. Interactive notebooks in here are a must. I just started them this year and love how they can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts in a much simpler format. I've gotten many of my interactive notebooks on TPT, but I also try to make simple flip flaps for on my own. I have two free flip flap files up on TPT for Science and Social Studies. They are for levels of government and environment/habitats. You can visit my store here and check them out. Below are not pictures of flip flaps, but of a picture for a web diagram to teach type of communities. That is also in my store. 

There you have it! 

I wanted to let you all know that if you ever need any resources or information to teach your students about Islam and more about Muslims, you can ALWAYS contact me. Many of you may have Muslim children in your classroom and as we teach different religions or traditions in the classroom, it would be great to incorporate this large but very much misunderstood religion. There  are tons more similarities than differences! I just as badly want to see who Juan Pablo picks on the Bachelor as any of you do...haha ;) 

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