Instagram Linky Party with a NEW BLOG DESIGN!

I am super excited to write this post on my NEW BLOG DESIGN! I fell off the blogging bandwagon almost as quickly as I started it near the end of last summer. I give it to all the teachers who are able to keep it up on a regular basis. How do you do it!!? Well, this year I commit myself to learning.

I had the absolutely wonderful and accommodating Danielle from Crayonbox Learning. It was such a fast job. I didn't think it could get done within the week when I first thought about getting a blog redesign.

The only thing I knew at the beginning was what color scheme I wanted. After that...well I didn't have thoughts after that. She asked me just the right questions and got me to think in the direction I wanted..and we finally came up with this. I love the color combo with the glittery accents. It describes ME.

This year I also commit myself to get it going on my Pinning, Instagramming, and growing my TPT store with new and relevant products. I'm so thankful to the two week break we just had because it gave me a chance to jump start this process. I'm trying to think just how I could squeeze in full time teaching, full time momming (should be a word), full time house taker carer (again, should be a word), and doing after school tutoring, with the online and creating world. If anyone has any words of advice, wisdom, or tips, please let me know!

So to start the year off, I am going to participate in my first linky party! It's the Instagram Linky Party hosted by Kickin It in Kindergarten. I'm going to share my top three favorite posts on Instagram from last year. It's a fun way to kind of introduce myself as well!

By the way, follow my Instagram HERE. If you do it directly from the App, my username is amnabaig2ndgrade.

Ok first up:

I live in New York and the Northeast is known for the gorgeous scenery come fall time. My favorite season is fall for various reasons; all the pumpkin flavored food and drink varieties, the cool, brisk weather, the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet, and of course the trees. I took this picture when my husband and I were going down the highway. I could seriously stare at this type of stuff for hours.

This is one representation of all the new and innovative things I am trying out in my classroom this year thanks to the blogs, Instagram pictures, TPT items, and FB pages. Even though I've been teaching for 7 years, and always on a mission to improve, I feel like these past two school years have been my strongest. My whole FB feed has been dedicated to teacher pages now, with a sprinkling of a few personal friends' posts somewhere in there...haha! My sister used to stalk my FB because she had the password, but now it's just boring for her because the only thing that pops up are wonderful posts by other teachers!

And finally, this little girl probably clogs of most of my Instagram feed. This is her on her first birthday last June. Time sure does fly and having a third child after 10 years can make you feel like a new mom, which comes with new surprises. I mean..all the baby items they have now?? I couldn't even think of having some of this stuff 12 years ago when my first was born. Baby food in a pouch? What? And a detachable spoon that comes to hook onto the pouch?? Crazy. Her name is Hana, and there is no bias here, but she's probably the funniest kid in town... ;)

Hope you enjoyed the post. Catch up with me later!


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