I am loving doing color coded proving your answers thingamajigs! Students who are reluctant to go back and find their answers before answering comprehension questions, are more willing to do so when they get to make it colorful. This strategy has been working out quite effectively!

I am working on having students expand on their descriptive writing details. Many of them will just list facts after facts, with  little to no explanation and description. So I came up with this big moment vs. small moment activity which you can read more about AND grab the freebie file HERE. Basically, they got to choose a big moment (cloud) such as "going to an amusement park." Then, they each got a raindrop to write a small description about ONE thing that they did or happened there. They got to come up and put their small idea droplets under the big idea cloud. 

 Anchor charts that include candy on them are always a big I was happy that the gum has lasted on the chart paper and has not "disappeared." 

Here I'm just sharing two tips for classroom use. The top picture has student book bags hanging on the wall on Command hooks. These bags were from the dollar spot at Target last year and I think this stuff is going to be coming back soon to Target. I printed the student numbers on sticker paper and just attached them to the wall next to each hook. The second picture is how I hang student work on walls that don't have bulletin boards and are too stubborn to allow staples or thumbtacks to go in them. I hot glued the bulletin paper to the wall and then I hot glued the clothespins to the paper. I'm sharing these pics because this stuff has lasted me half year so far, so it's an "it really does work," moment. 

LOVEEEE ALL THE TEACHER IDEAS ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLACES...don't know where I would be without it all. 


  1. Love the color coded proving answers idea. I will definitely have to try that! So glad I stopped by.

    The Teaching Twosome

  2. Thank you Shannon! Yes, def. try it because it makes them accountable for their reading and responses. Your blog is so cute - you and your husband!!

  3. I started the color coding with the highlighters this week, the kids really do seem to be enjoying it. They will all search for text evidence just so they can highlight!
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

    1. It's kind of crazy what they will do for highlighters!

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