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It's meet the teacher Monday...Thursday..oops it is now midnight, so it's meet the teacher Friday. I have had too many failed attempts at this blog post. Well, I started late - started on Wednesday...couldn't finish. Then got back on it and finished it Thursday, but Blogger was down or something weird was happening, but it was not saving! I had to reload. And now I have to write everything all over again. 
But here we go. I linked up with Trina at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom to tell you all more about myself. 

1. List 5 things you always keep in your purse.

  • Vaseline
  • Old receipts and coupons that get expired before I remember to use them
  • My school ID mostly for Michael's discounts
  • Chiclets Gum
  • 3-5 pens
So...I am going to reveal a picture of my purse at this moment. This is what it looks like at any given moment. So I have wayyy more than 5 things I ALWAYS keep in there. Basically, what DON'T I keep in there? I promise my classroom or my house isn't this disorganized. Only my purse....and my car. 

2. List 5 things you love about yourself.
  • my dedication
  • my commitment to finishing what I've started
  • not being judgemental
  • not being confrontational- drama free zone here
  • being trustworthy and loyal. I can keep secrets. 
3. List 5 things you do to keep yourself entertained.
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • videotaping my baby girl and watching it over and over even though she's right next to me..or watching videos of her when she's asleep and missing her
  • reading- which I kind of never get time to do anymore
  • making corny jokes and being the only one that laughs at them. Here's my favorite: "What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?....."I lost my tractor." HA..HA..HA...been laughing at that one for 20 years. 
  • being a teeny bopper 
4. List 5 things that attract you to the opposite sex
       ....meaning my husband.... 
  • dedication
  • loyalty
  • getting the job done without being "nagged," about it
  • thinks I'm funny
  • and being funny..but mostly that he thinks I'm funny... :)
5. List 5 things you want to accomplish in 2014.
  • more blogging and TPTing
  • losing the baby weight
  • doing something useful with my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction that makes it worth it to have taken out the massive loan. 
  • being a better mother - that's always on the list. But specifically, being more attentive and having as much patience with them as I do with my school kids
  • learn to balance everything better

Hope you get to know me a little better this way! And make sure to check out Trina's Blog to link up on time...

Students create this cute butterfly with different times on clocks on all 4 wings. They life the clock flap and write the time a different way.

Before I go, I wanted to share my new telling time activity pack. I've loaded it with a variety of ways to practice telling time. I'm kind of scared to teach it to the kids because then they can tell the time and will know if I ever go "over," a period and into their playtime just so I can finish something up real quick....haha.

In the unit, there are printables for time to the hour, half hour, 5 minutes, quarter hour, a.m. p.m., elapsed time, and more. There are two flip booklet activities. I've included a center - matching the puzzle pieces for digital and analog, and an I Have Who Has game. There are writing connections, where students pick a critter such as a butterfly or a bee and tell what their favorite "time," of the day is (literally), and write a fictional story about it. Finally, there is a butterfly craftivity

where students put clock flaps on each of the four wings and draw an analog time on it. Then they can flip up the flap and write the digital time underneath, as well as another way to say it, such as "half past 3."

You can click on the first picture to take you to the product. It's on a nice sale this week!


  1. I've been thinking about going back for my Masters too. What do you plan to do with yours? What kind of positions are available? If I go back it has to be in a field that will have a return on my investment of time and money...or loans for that matter. I have been leaning towards Speech Pathologist or Speech Path Asst.But if I did that, I would pretty much have to start from scratch. LOL at your tractor joke. I am hoping to get more blogging and TPTing done too. I just can't find the time, but when I do find the time I'm wasting it doing by things like playing Bejeweled or perusing Facebook.

    1. lol nice that you still play bejeweled..I guess that isn't SO 2012..hahah jk ;) I went on the Words with Friends bandwagon, then angry birds, and now people are trying to get me addicted to flappy bird.
      I haven't looked in too deeply into what types of positions I could do with a Master's in Reading Instruction - if there are reading specialist jobs, that could work. But I do love where I am kids go there and its really convenient. I so agree with finding a job that is a return in investment though...although I don't know if I have time or patience to start a whole new journey to get a totally different degree. good for you though if you go that route. The end will be in sight and it will pay off. Thanks for visiting!

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