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Welcome to the second grade product swap and blog hop!  EIGHTEEN wonderful second grade bloggers have joined together to swap and review each other's products.  Best of all, we are giving away all of the products to one lucky winner!  

If you are looking for the start of the hop, head over to see Casey at Second Grade Math Maniac to start hopping.  As you check out all the fabulous products, make sure to follow each blog on Bloglovin' as well.  There will be a Rafflecopter at the last stop.  This is where you can enter to win all of the products being reviewed!

 Now, on to blabbing all about this resourceful, interactive, and engaging product by Angie from Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners

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My class has been using interactive Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies notebooks all year long. So when I got a chance to review this Telling Time interactive notebook pack, I was super duper excited. It also came at just the moment that I was going to start my chapter on time. It was fate!

Ok, one of the first things I love about this product is that Angie includes a sample picture for each page. Sometimes flip flaps or interactive pages can be confusing to work out if you are not familiar with them. Telling kids how to put it together was really easy because, umm, I was able to put it together easily!

See how cool and convenient these direction pages are???

I used these pages over the course of a week. Every day we did one or two quick interactive notebooking skills. I usually gave the corresponding activity a day or two after they learned the lesson, so that it served as a quick assessment for me as to who actually understood the work. 

First up, was understanding and labeling the clock to the 5 minutes. First, I copied the pages on colored paper, because how much prettier is that!? For this first activity, I posted an example finished product on the board so that students understood how to set it up in their notebook. I added the 5 minute increments at the end when we were going over it, so that they didn't just COPY, the answers from the board. 

Finished student page
The next day I had them do the activity for identifying the analog time on the clock, and writing it in words and in digital. Again, super simple for students to put together and they were really quick with it. I was able to get in two of the activities in one day because they worked very efficiently. 

So after this preview activity, I gave them the yellow flip flaps below. Students just had to cut the rectangle out that had the clock on it, fold it in half, and glue the back side down. Now they could open up their clock flap and write down the time in digital form that was on the clock face on top. 

Again, super colorful and easy. I loved that I could just quickly assess who got it and who didn't. To the kids who messed up on a few, I had them go back and redo it. I just told them which ones were wrong, but not what was wrong, so they had to find the mistake on their own.

On another day, students worked on making up their own digital and analog times. They had the following sheet to cut out. They cut a blank clock out and a blank digital time slot out and glued it next to each other on the page. It's hard to see in these pictures, but between the analog and digital cut outs, students drew an arrow and wrote, "is the same as." Again, thanks Angie for the helpful picture and way to set it up. So, now students took their learning to a more independent level and could see if the were able to identify time written in both ways, and connect them. 

On the last day, students did the final two activities. Flip flaps for quarter past, half past, and quarter to, and time word problems. 

For this flip flap activity, students cut out the three titled rectangles and glued them as flaps in their notebook page. Then they took the paper that had a bunch of clocks with times on them that represented either quarter past, half past, or quarter to. Students had to identify which one was showing what, and glue them under the clock flap in their math notebooks. Quarter to is always hard, but we worked a lot on understanding what quarter past and half past is, so then, the ones that looked unfamiliar, (such as 9:45), they quickly learned that that they must be quarter to. "Quarter to" is no longer covered in the Common Core edition of our math series, so we don't technically teach it, but I still like to touch on it and share it with students who may be able to grasp it. So, with this activity, many students got exposure to it and can now identify it on their own. 

Finally, Angie included 8 time word problems that students cut out and glued in their notebooks. Word problems were the toughest part for my kiddos, so we went through at least half of them together, and they showed their learning through a couple at the end. 

Even though all the pages in this interactive notebook pack are not "flip flaps," the point of an interactive notebook is not that all pages have to have a moveable part. The point of such a notebook is that students get to keep their learning in one place. Worksheets go home and get forgotten. This way, students have a resource to look back to when they need to review.  But I do have to say, the flip flaps in this unit are great and kids love anything they can lift and write under! I know that this product covered all the telling time components that I needed to teach. It was really comprehensive, and I am going to use it for as long as I teach this topic! This is PERFECT for 2nd grade, but will work well with 1st grade and 3rd grade as well. 

If you like this product, you have to check out Angie's other interactive notebook pages as well. She has a great geometry one that I got to snag and she has a money one too! Everything is user friendly with the sample pics, and easy to assemble. Click on the pictures below to get to her Telling Time pack, Geometry pack, and Money interactive notebook pack. Plus, Angie is participating in this weekend's Spring Cleaning Sale, so all her products including this one are 20 percent off! This is going to be only $2.40! Deal or no deal?? I say DEAL! Was that corny? 

Push your hardworking little mouse button on the picture below to take you to the next stop on the hop! Up next is Angie reviewing...my product! It has become my best seller and I will be putting it on sale during this week during the blog hop! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great post, Amna! Your kids looked like they had a great time using this product! Their notebooks look fantastic! I agree, they love anything they can glue and flip, lol. We are coming up on our time unit soon and this product looks like it is a definite must-have!
    Tracey :)
    The Teacher’s Chair
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    1. haha I know Tracey, they never get tired of cutting and gluing...it's like a PART of them...just every day normal stuff. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!

  2. WOW! This looks like a great product Amna! I will definitely check it out!

    Also, PS: Your little avatar is ADORABLE! I SO need to get me one! :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Thanks Jean!! It's a must have to supplement with your time unit. And yea, I love my avatar too, I even have a change of outfits for her..I mean me...hahaha.

  3. LOVE!! It all looks so neat and organized. Love everything about it! :)

    1. yea, it was super organized!! Hardly any prep work. thanks for stopping by!

  4. This looks awesome! I typically steer clear of interactive notebooks because they look so complicated. This product looks pretty straight forward & my kids could ALWAYS practice telling time. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

    1. Yea Casey, for real...it was so UNCOMPLICATED!!

  5. Great review, Amna!! I can't WAIT to snag all of her resources! :)

  6. Great review! Angie's products are super well thought out and organized. Love it!

    Mrs, Rios Teaches Second Grade

    1. I know...I love how well thought out she is!

  7. Great review! I just love Angie! Her notebooks are GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  8. Hi Amna,

    Thanks for participating! This product looks like a lot of fun, anything that includes cutting, gluing, and colored paper makes it seem much more interesting!

    Literacy Spark

    1. The colored paper part gets the kiddos every time.

  9. Thank you for such a great review Amna! My Interactive Notebooks are all selling like hot cakes right now! It was nice collaborating with you on this product swap!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  10. I have this product on my wish list before I read your post. Now I'll be moving it over to my cart! Love all the pictures!! It looks like your kiddos really loved this!
    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  11. What a thorough post! Thanks for all the visuals! I recently added this to my collection of "Angie" products, and am going to get busy prepping it this week while I am on spring break!



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