Bundle Of Love Fundraiser for a Teacher with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

 Thank you everyone for stopping by today.

The reason for this post is very sad, but I hope the outcome from this post is amazing. 

A teacher friend of mine got diagnosed with Breast Cancer just about 3 or 4 months ago. At first, the diganosis was for Stage 3. Then she went in for a routine check up a few weeks later and learned that it was already Stage 4. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and areas around her spine. 

She is a former colleague and such a dedicated and loving teacher. Her whole life has been about teaching. She has been teaching for over 10 years and is only 34. To receive such shocking news was so unexpected because a few years ago her older sister got diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer and since then she has been getting routine checkups. 

I pretty much don't know another teacher who loves her job more than she does. She has such passion for her profession and for touching the lives of young children. She's the type to update her FB statuses with how much she loves teaching, all the time. She's had to stop working in the last month, but before that, she traveled over about 70 or 80 miles a day roundtrip to her job. 

She also has two young boys at home. She's had to stop working, and her work did not offer any disability pay. She has been seeing different doctors to understand her options at this point. 

I wanted to put together a fundraiser to help her out a little bit at least with the financial part of this daunting journey. Cancer treatment is no joke, and not easy on the pocket, not to mention all the regular life expenses. So I thought and thought of something I could do to help and came up with this fundraising idea. I reached out to the TPT community, my FB groups, and my Instagram friends, and got an OVERWHELMING RESPONSE. Seriously, I did not expect over 75 teachers to donate one or even two products!

What I ended up with is over 80 amazing resources. At first, I was going to just make one big bundle, never expecting such a loving response. So, with all the products I received, I've had to make 6 bundles priced at $10 each.

I have one TWO Math and Science Bundles for 

One ELA Bundle for grades 3-5

and THREE ELA Bundles for grades K-2. I had to separate them into 3 sets because of the amount of products for this category. 

The value of all these products is about $300!  Maybe you can buy one that isn't in your grade range, but give it to a friend as a gift!

Please click HERE to take you to the TPT store set up for the sale. You can see all the individual product links and which teachers donated once you get to the TPT page. This sale runs until the end of April. Please share with your friends if you can!

Again, thank you to my dear teacher friends for donating!! 


  1. I'm honored to donate and can't wait to go shopping and purchase some of these awesome bundles for myself and some for friends!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

    1. You are sooo supportive....I love it...thanks so much Melissa!!

  2. I am so thankful to be part of this. I hope this takes some pressure off your friend.

    1. Thank you so much Juliana....I appreciate your kindness!!

  3. I too am honored to donate! Just purchased All of the bundles.!

    1. yayyyy!! Thanks for the donation and the purchase..so amazing.

  4. I am so honored to have helped - and I will definitely be purchasing a bundle or two for myself as well. I am also honored to be part of such a great teaching community who comes together during a time of need to help a fellow teacher! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into organizing this! Your friend is blessed to have you as a part of her life!

    1. Your words really mean a lot Kelly. I really appreciate it and thanks so much for being a part of this as well!

  5. Teach Two Reach 2nd Grade Happenings: Bundle Of Love Fundraiser for a Teacher with Stage 4 Breast Cancer
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