Combining 100th Day and Dr. Seuss Activities

I usually don't like it if I have a tutoring session scheduled and get a last minute cancelation, but after the long week I've had, it felt like a little relief! I got to lay down for 20 minutes and then I made myself get up because I JUST HAD to write this post... :)...before my next tutoring session starts. 

I am so honored and excited to be nominated for this award 4 times!! It is for newer blogs and I am so thankful for my online teaching buddies to think this blog worthy of a nomination. Now, I have to spend my time this weekend and answer 4 sets of questions from these other wonderful bloggers who nominated me, and then nominate some of my new favorite blogs as well!

It was Read Across America Week. We had fun reading favorite Dr. Seuss books and using writing extensions to really delve into the messages behind some of the books such as "Oh, The Places You'll Go, and "The Lorax." I made this Read Across America writing activity packet. Students wrote about their goals and aspirations as they grow up and sequenced The Lorax on the Truffula Trees. Some of the activities we didn't get to, so we will cross it over into next week. The last picture you see of the Lorax Craftivity hanging on the wall is a freebie from Saddle Up in Second Grade!! She has an awesomely awesome packet to download!! You can also check my writing packet HERE. 

It was also the 100th Day of School on Friday. We didn't go ALL out with a huge party or anything, but we did have a fun filled activity day. They got to see their fun bulletin board on "Before I am 100," writing. They wrote about all the fun things they want to do, see, or who they want to meet, before they turn 100. Then I took a picture of them with the Aging App and surprised them with their pictures! They didn't know why I was taking the pictures while I was doing it and I only let them see their picture after I told them they have to churn out some great writing! :)) They went crazy seeing themselves and their friends as old! This activity, as well as some other writing activities are free on TPT in my store. Click on the first picture to get you there. Maybe some of you guys with your 50 million snow days could still use this!

We have to come up with a yearbook page for our class with the theme "Knowledge is Power." So I found cute super hero masks online, printed them out, and had kids hold them in an action shot while I took their picture. They also each wrote a sentence explaining their definition of knowledge is power. I am going to combine all their pictures onto one page with what they said coming out in a speaking bubble. Let's see how it turns out!

Finally, check out my last blog post HERE about how to end off a dinosaur/fossils unit! Kids got to make their own versions of fossils while also learning the steps the fossilization!

No, the goat did not turn into a's a diff. pic!

So yea....reallllly busy week...and now I end just in time for my next student to come for state exam prep.


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