Five for Friday Everyone!!

Helllloooo everyone! Let's get started...massive migraine coming on...but this is more important!

My kids loved doing this adjective activity called "Adjectives Make My Writing Pop." It is from 
 Free to Teach on TPT.  I gave each student a handful of popcorn. We went through the 5 senses on the graphic organizer provided with this craft pack. As a class, we brainstormed adjectives to describe the sound, smell, touch, look, and of course, the best part, TASTE, of the popcorn. Then, they used some of those adjectives to write a descriptive piece on popcorn. I told students to use similes in their writing and I loved some of the outcome! I had kids write, "The popcorn is as rough as an old man's beard," "It is has soft as a guinea pig's fur," "It is as fluffy as a cloud...," and many more comparisons that I didn't know they could even do! I was surely surprised. To make the craft portion, they wrote 6 of their adjectives on popcorn pieces and put it together like the pictures above. Any activity with food is always a hit!

For a fun, low prep, measurement assessment, I had students create houses or flowers out of construction paper strips. I pre cut a bunch of strips. They had to measure out pieces with a ruler and cut them, to construct their picture, and write the inch amount on each strip. Then at the end, they needed to add up all the parts and title their picture. such as, "My 45 Inch House." 

This is my 6th grade daughter's Doodle 4 Google. I saw some of the entries kids were doing in the school and I am sooo amazed with how they can transform the word Google! This year's topic was to invent something to help the world. She would invent a machine (robot), that would directly take items from landfills and recycle them into new objects right away separate facility needed...haha. My favorite part is the electricity pole from the "l."

We were super excited to go to our first barbecue of the year....even though it was 35 degrees out!! The last picture represents my daughter's obsession with animals. She gets it from me. She was not afraid to put her finger into that guinea pig cage. 

My  husband sent me this. It's nothing but the truth!


  1. The popcorn activity looks like fun and what a great way to explore your five senses. Yum! The Doodle for Google is awesome. Go girl!

    1. Thanks for visiting Kasandra! Yes, that activity covered a bunch of objectives!!

  2. We're starting measurement in a few weeks and your house/flower activity is too cute! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to creating them with my own students.


    1. Hi Leah! No problem. I love it if I can do an activity where I don't have to make tons of copies for.

  3. Loving that Doodle for Google! Your daughter is super talented! Can they submit them for a chance to actually be on the Google homepage? I don't know if Google does that, but how awesome would that be?
    Missing Tooth Grins

  4. I love your activities and REALLY love your daughter's doodle! So creative!

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hooray! Visit my blog to get more information.

    Looking forward to reading your responses. :)



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