Quick and Easy Prep Sequencing Activity

Linking up today with Coast to Coast Kinder for their weekly Wednesday Wow and we are back around to an ELA idea. 

This is a super simple and a super short blog post.

Our school just started counting how many copies we make...ugh...I mean I guess that is supposed to deter you from making so many and I know I have it good because they don't REALLY say anything. Some schools I know have a max. copy limit a month! I don't know what I would do. Anyway, so I'm kind of trying to cut down on the amount of copies here and there....(not really... :) ) I love all the cute graphic organizers I could use for comprehension concepts in Language Arts, but this sequencing activity requires no copying, and gets the job done.

All I did was cut construction paper strips in half lengthwise. I gave each student 5 index cards to fold. On the outside, they wrote 5 sequence words such as first, next, then, after that, and finally. They glued the back of the card down on the construction paper in order, so that the card could flip open. Inside, they sequenced the story from their basal that we read for the week. This one happens to be done for a pumpkin life cycle story, but it could work with any type of story of course. They write the sequence on the inside of the index card and write the title across the top of the construction paper slip.

Minimal prep...the only thing you really have to do is cut the construction paper! I'm all for assessment activities like that!!

Also, really quick. Our 100th day is Friday. I know many of you have had yours already, but if not, maybe you could use some of these writing ideas! They are free on TPT. Click HERE to take you to the file!

You can add the student's name on the bookmark. 

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