Five For Friday - pronoun freebie and a blogger I admire!

I got to use and review a product from a blogger I admire! This project was part of a linkup that many bloggers participated in. Basically, we each chose a blogger/TPTer,  who we think highly of and admire. Then Amanda from The Primary Gal did an amazing job of getting in touch with these bloggers, so that our identities could remain a secret. She was able to get the product we wanted to use in our classroom and send it to us. Then we each used the file in the class and blogged all about it. You can check out who I secretly admired...but it's not a secret anymore! Click HERE to take you to the post!

I finished up my first author study unit on Ezra Jack Keats. I searched and searched for a comprehensive unit on Keats that included more than comprehension questions. I wanted activities and projects! There was a ton of stuff for "The Snowy Day," but not much for his other popular books. You can read more about my Keats author study in my classroom HERE, and to take you to the product, click on the first picture. 


I am finally on Spring Break! It seemed like everyone was getting to it before me. Thank goodness it comes now because this weekend is full of weddings - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Monday would have been tough to go back to work, so I'm glad I don't have to. I don't plan on doing much but I really should plan on doing a lot...such as...clean the mountain of clothes my closet has become. It's just sooo easy to throw everything in at the end of the day. I'm paying for it now. Anyway, before students went on break on Friday...I made up this spring break homework Thursday night. How do I stop doing these so last minute!! It includes 5 pages of review concepts and two writing assignments. I designed it so that these pages don't have to go home just for vacation. You can use it during class time too; for morning work for example. 

Like I said before...tons of weddings to go to...last weekend and this weekend. Here are some pictures. This is traditional Pakistani clothing. Weddings in our culture are really bright and beautiful. 

my youngest sister--who is ten years younger than I am but I like to think it doesn't look like it.. :)

Ohhhhh you were waiting for the FREEBIE were you?? Ok, you finally got here!!

We worked on pronouns all week this week. First up, I used an activity I saw on Marcy's blog from Saddle Up For Second Grade. 

I wrote sentences on sentence strips and put possible pronouns that could over the underlined noun on the side of the board. Students had to come up one at a time, pick the correct pronoun from the right side of the board and use it to replace a noun in the sentence. This visual really helped the students see that pronouns REPLACED or took the place of nouns. 

Then, I had remembered seeing an activity a year or so ago called Pronoun Pizza on Pinterest. When I went back on to see if there was a template. I didn't see one. So I made a quick template of this pronoun pizza activity. Basically, students got a pizza slice that had circles for "pepperoni" slices on it. Then they got a half sheet with 6 circles that had 6 pronouns on them. They had to use these "pepperoni" slices to glue as flaps on top of the circles on the pizza. Then, underneath, they wrote a sentence using the pronoun. Some of the slices looked delicious...for real. They reminded me of the pizza Michelangelo used to eat on TMNT back in the day...that gooey yellow cheese was so tempting!!

You can grab this free PIZZA PRONOUN TEMPLATE HERE

Graphics from the Pond Font

Phew!!! That took forever!!! See you next time! Don't forget to check out the secret blog admirer post as well!!! Oh and before you leave, please, please, please check out a previous post on the Bundle of Love Fundraiser for a teacher with breast cancer. The sale is only going on in April and it's almost half way done! Please help support a fellow teacher in need. 


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