Five for Friday- tons of stuff happening!

I am on Spring Break this week. Well it's almost the end. Did I get ANYTHING done on my to-do list? Nope. What did I do? Seriously, my closet looks like it all just fell on the floor. It went from being a "spring break project," to a "summer project," I think. There are just certain things that fall below where the page ends on the to-do list. 

I am a novice pinner on Pinterest. I feel like it could be a full time job! But, recently I have been getting more into it. That means that soon I have to redesign my one education based personal board that I've made...I mean, it's called, "Education." Can we go just a little bit broader on that one? See, I'm a novice! Anyway, I have gotten the chance to recently join collaborative boards and one of the ones I'm realllllly excited about is with a bunch of coolio second grade teachers! It's called, "It's a Second Grade Thing," and you can read more about that HERE. But basically, get ready for loads of great ideas on there! PLUSSSS, when you follow, you can enter in a Rafflecopter to win a $25 gift certificate to TPT. Honestly,  my birthday and anniversary are coming up and I think I will personally ask everyone who gets me a just give me those! :)

Can there ever be enough giveaweays? I don't think so. I mean, what's the harm in joining every single one!?? This one is special because it's just a few of us teacher/Instagram buddies who decided to swap products with one another. You can read my review on Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching's Baseball Math and Literacy Fun Unit. The centers were super fun and loved them. Also, you can enter the giveaway to win ANY item from our store!! Click HERE!

I don't celebrate Easter. But I always celebrate a SALE!! Visit MY STORE on Sunday and Monday to get 20 percent off EVERYTHING, including my bundles. There is a new end of year bundle up there, which I will talk about next. 


So above are pictures of the three end of year items I worked on during Spring Break. Many of you are off in like 5 weeks or something! I still have about 10 more here in NY, but never too early to start thinking about the end... :) 

SO YEA, I've bundled all three products- the awards, the memory booklet, and the end of year craft. If you buy all three separate, it's $11. But together they are $9.00..and during the sale on Sunday and Monday, the bundle is another 20 percent off! So that's like getting all three products for less than the price of two basically! Click on the following links to get you to all the products:

You know I gotta sneak one of her in here sometimes!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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