Time for another TRADE AND GRADE Blog Hop!

It's time for another TRADE AND GRADE!

Last time I was matched up with Charlene from Diamond Mom's Treasury....and we get to swap again! This time, I got her measurement bundle. It came at the perfect time because we were just wrapping up the unit..so this served as a great assessment tool and review. 
There are a few parts to this 4 parts. there s an "I Have Who Has," pack for all things measurement, A measurement "Anchor Chart," pack, "Tally Mark," posters, and "Linear Measurements," activity and comparison sheets. 

 I started the week off reviewing linear measurement concepts. I hung her anchor charts on the board and had kids review the basics of measuring with a ruler. We talked about whole units and half units, and they came to the board to tell me the measurement on the rule to where I pointed, such as 2 and a half inches. 


Then I had kids work in small group centers and one of the centers was using Charlene's activity pages. I put them in page protectors, to save paper and students could write on the dry erase protector, check it over with a partner in the center group, and move on. 

Below are pictures from another center that had her Tally Mark activities. Again, we went over the anchor chart examples on the board and they practiced making tally marks in bundles. Then in the center rotations, they had their quick informal assessment to see if they can translate from tally mark to actual numbers, to drawing that amount in the jars. 

On a couple of the other days, we played some rounds of her "I Have Who Has," games. We did the temperature one, since temperature is also part of measurement. It was awesome how it all came together because in Science we were learning about weather and seasons, so it just all tied in so well together! For this activity, they practiced saying temperature in Fahrenheit and making sure they know how to read a thermometer. 

We also played the Linear Measurement I Have Who Has. This time they had to practice saying these types of measurements and reading the measurement units correctly. 

All in all, this unit was a very successful review for my kids. They solidified concepts already learned and practiced ones they had trouble with. They really enjoyed the practice worksheets in center time and the games. The bundle includes all things measurement. You should definitely check it out by clicking on the picture above.

Charlene has included a freebie sampler for the file. Click on the image below to grab it!

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