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Working till the last minute!! Well, I still have a bunch of time to go before the end of school...it ends June 27th for kiddos and July 3rd for teachers!! I'm teaching into JULY folks. And since the kids are already down with summer fever, this product I reviewed for the Flip Flop Blog Hop, came at the perfect time. 

I got to use one of Julie's Roll and Write pack. She's over at Second Grade Surprises, and I am in love with this product. 

The one I used was a Surf theme. Basically, it works like this: A student uses a dice to roll a story. They do three rolls. The first roll gives you the character, the second roll gives you the setting, and the third roll gives you the plot. Students use it during writing time. I had my students do it during center rotations. 

Julie provides super cute writing templates, which if I had the luxury to use color ink at work, I'd so print them off in color. But no such luck, so some colored paper would do. 

Oh my gosh, students LOVEDDDDD this. It was soo different than what they are used to. We have never done anything like that. They absolutely loved the fact that they were in charge of their own story and that everyone would have a different outcome. It was cool to see them excited about who or what they rolled about. For example, one girl rolled a story that would have to do with Timmy Turtle, on Treasure Island, running away from pirates. Every student got a different result, and the stories came out so creative, because they felt in charge of their own writing. 

You have to check out all of Julie's Roll and Write products. She has a ton. I plan on doing these activities next year, so I am thrilled I got introduced to it this year. Thanks Julie for the awesome resource. Please click on the picture below to take you to the product on TPT. 

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  1. You work until July!?!! When does your school year start?!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. For teachers, we have to go back around August 20 something. School for kids starts right after Labor Day.

  2. Oh my goodness Amna thank you so much for the sweet review of my product!!!! I am so humbled by your wonderful comments!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. Of course...they really did love it and I enjoyed the independence of it all!

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