Long overdue Five for Friday!!

It was 17th anniversary of my 16th birthday this past Monday. My husband got me a cake that is just me. My baby daughter scarfed it all down. I dropped in your face major hints about the real Michael Kors purse I wanted and my family all chipped in to get it for me...  And we went out for Mother's Day/Birthday - Chinese Buffet Style. 

Make sure to click above to take you through an end of the year blog hop some real cool 2nd grade teachers and I got together to make happen! You can grab some freebies and just some plain good old ideas to keep busy the last days or weeks of school. Below is an example of a compliment freebie you can snag of mine. But I won't link the PDF file here cuz I'm mean like that. You'll just have go to the hop! :)

We've been working on "How To," writing these past two weeks. This week we worked on,"How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich." Students wrote out the steps on the graphic organizer and then used "sandwich," pieces to write them out and insert the sandwich into a "paper bag." If you would like to check out the file for this project, click HERE. 

Last week we did this, "How to Blow a Bubble," writing. Students taught each other how to blow bubbles with bubble gum. Then they wrote out the steps in a graphic organizer and transferred it to paragraph format. Then they created the cute craft, inserted a balloon, and there you go! Click here to take you to this project!

Just a couple other things we did this week. We were learning about the planets, so I needed a quick, cheap, engaging activity...all you have to do is give cut outs of planets to the students, use a paper plate for the sun, and have them glue and label the planets in order. Don't look at Saturn...the copy machine decided to take off the bottom third.

Because I'm cheap, I didn't buy Easter eggs until after Easter and until after they went way down in price. Finally busted them out this week for some contraction action! And I don't know what I would do without dry erase sleeves. 

I love getting my back scratched. And apparently so does my little one. Here she is...demanding hers to be scratched by her sister with the new back scratcher we got. I'm jealous. 

Come back soon!!

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