Week 3 for our Primary Peeps Tips and Tools for Back to School Blog Hop features Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching

You guys need to visit her page to grab this LIMITED TIME (1 WEEK) FREEBIE! It is an interactive notebooking file for number concepts. And she shows you how to use it with file folders if you don't do interactive notebooks. I'm super excited to put this into use in the fall. 

Click on the picture below to get to her blog and see the file much better in action!

I started this whole online teacher journey life about 6 months ago. When I got my first few non real life friend followers on Instagram and FB, I was thrilled. I remember trying so hard to get 50 followers on TPT. My blog was almost non existent. But 6 months later, I am thrilled with how my teacher blogging/TPT journey has grown, but with sooo much room for more great things to come. First and foremost, I've gotten to know so many teachers. I think that has to be the coolest thing! I saw the rally and support we provide each other, when I held a fundraiser for a friend with cancer. I was just a few months in on TPT and Instagram, but over 80 teachers donated to the fundraising bundle!

As a big ol' Thank YOU to everyone for being so supportive, I am holding a quick Rafflecopter giveaway. 

You will get $25 dollars to spend on TPT! I wish I could tell all my school parents to get me that for the end of the year gift...haha. Will TPT barter gift cards for all the body lotion I got? 

Just enter below and I will pick a winner Monday night!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I am not exactly sure how many amazing, thorough, and helpful EDUCENTS bundles I have purchased in the past, but imagine my reaction when I got an opportunity to actually participate in one. I feel famous.

 I have also teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! Loaded with great products to work with your kids on math, science, and some engineering activities!  

My products included will surely be loved by your students! 

First up, my LANDFORMS AND BODIES OF WATER unit. It is originally $3.50 and includes a bunch of resources related teaching about these geographic locations. 

There are posters included for 18 land and bodies of water features. 

Thanks to Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Furnell from Owl Always Love 2nd Grade for some of these pics. They had used the product in their
classroom and took amazing pics, that I couldn't get in my own. 

You can use the flipflaps in file folders like these or put in interactive notebooks.

There are also many other assessment sheets - cut and paste printables and an "I Have, Who Has," game for all the features!

My second product is my Weather Palooza Unit. This retails for $6.00. It has TONSSS of interactive activities and crafts for teaching all thing related to weather - precipitation, types of clouds, weather tools, seasons, and the water cycle. 

I always love to teach the water cycle through the Water Cycle song you find find online. It goes to the tune of She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain, and it goes:

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does.
Water travels in a cycle, yes it does.
It goes up as evaporation.
Forms clouds as condensation.
And falls down as precipitation,
yes it does!

I have a skit included in the product that has your students act like water droplets as they travel through the water cycle. They can also make water cycle hats and poster projects. 

Alsoooooo, if you use this link to buy the bundle, you get to choose on item from my store for FREEE.  Just forward me your confirmation from your bundle sale to abaig@mdqacademy.org. Let me know what item you want from my store, and I will send it to you ASAP!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

We are back this week for our 2nd great tip/tool for back to school and this week is all about Classroom Volunteers

MISSY from Dirt Road Teacher has an awesome post and freebie for you. My favorite part of it is the template that allows you to give quick clear directions on how to make copies; perfect when you have volunteers doing the job for you. Plus, there is a bunch more included in her freebie! Click on her logo below to take you to her post!

Get ready for a summer filled with Tips and Tools for Back to School. This is a sorrrttt of a blog hop...we hop once a week.. :) I am among an awesome group of teachers, The Primary Peeps, and we are going to bring to you resourceful tips throughout the summer. Each week, one of us will post about something. 

This week you just HAVE to go over to Leah from Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies, blog....ESPECIALLY if you are in 2nd grade. I just read about it today too and I am in awe of what she is offering to you for FREE! I cannot wait to implement it next year. Here is a sneak peak image of her tip for you!

OK, click on the blog image below to visit her!!

Stay tuned next week when Missy from Dirt Road Teacher gives us her tips and tools for back to school!

Time to link up again with The Teaching Tribune for Wednesday Worksheet time!

Loveee these superhero graphics from Graphics from the Pond. I had to use them today.

It's a quick little worksheet that practices triple digit addition with and without regrouping, as well as reviewing odd and even numbers. Click on the picture to download!

Look whats for half off today!! Click on the pictures to take you to the item!

This whole author study project kit is only $2.25!

  Two craftivities for only   $1.50!

It's the second week of the Summer linky party with The Teaching Tribune! Today is all about getting to know me a little better. 

I Teach:

I've been teaching for 7 years. All of them, plus the year prior for my student teaching, have been in 2nd grade. My principal likes to joke and tell people that I have a P.H.D. in 2nd grade. I think it's the perfect grade honestly. I mean, based on prior clinical experiences or just seeing the kids in the other grades, little second graders are old enough to be independent to do a lot of things on their own, but not too old to think that projects are boring or coloring is not fun, and not too old to have an attitude. 

I Have:

I have a blended family. Both my husband and I are in our second marriages. I had two kids, who are 12 and 11 now, from my previous marriage. He has two boys who live with their mom that we go visit or they come here. And together we have a newly minted two year old (as of yesterday) baby girl. 

I also have an insane desire to have cats again. I had them until I got remarried and moved into our home. My husband is super allergic so I had to give my three away. He said it was him or the cats. I had to think about it.

I Watch:

I love reality t.v. and competition shows. It's something about the mind numbingness of it that I enjoy. Right now I'm into the Bachelor and So You Think You Can Dance. I'm also just sort of excited about the Real Housewives of NJ premiere because most of the old cast is gone!

I Listen:

I think I'm a teeny bopper and my first go to channel on Sirius XM in the car is Radio Disney. 

I Read:

I don't have much time to read, but I really enjoy reading historical fiction novels, such as Memoirs of a Geisha. I also like to see what Instagram teachers are reading. Recently I read Wonder and now I plan on reading The Fault in our Stars. 

I Do:

I also tutor after school for a few hours 4-5 days a week. I'm not sure if I want to continue that because it takes time away from my own family. But at the same time, working on a minimal salary in a private school just isn't cutting it. So I feel like I definitely need to make some changes for next year. 

my almost teenage son ahh!
my almost 12 year old

controller of the house
looking all sweet and innocent

my husband will love this pic of him.

Soooo I missed week one of this great summer link up series hosted by Where The Magic Happens.  It was about organization. I missed it because I didn't keep organized and forgot about it. Ironic much?

Look at all the other participants!! 

Math Workshop!

I'm going to talk about how I've attempted to set up a math workshop when I only have 40 minutes three days a week and 80 minutes twice a week. The 40 minute days are really tough to squeeze in everything I want to do. 

I guess this post may be helpful to those who also struggle with a lack of time to be able to have center rotations every day, plus squeeze in the math series. 

So this year, Mondays and Fridays is the 80 minute block. I take advantage of this time to have guided math and center rotations. I'll change out centers every couple of weeks because since we only have center time twice a week, they last. 

First up, we go over the homework from the workbook for the first five minutes or so. Then, I'll do a mini lesson for the concept of the day. Next, we do examples on the board and kids come up - which is their favorite part. What is it with writing on the board? I shouldn't talk though, I used to steal chalk so I could write on my little chalkboard at home in third grade. 

Next, we will start group rotations. I have a rotation chart in the back of the room. One group also does the textbook pages and I work with them. And the other three groups are rotating with about 5-7 kids per group. I have 27 kiddos this year. We work in about 10-12 minute rotations. 

The other three days, we start off the same way, but do the textbook pages together. At least once a week but usually twice, I will get in a project such as fraction hats, addition sundaes, etc. If students don't finish the project that day, they put it into their work folder and work on it during free time or before a center rotation when we get to it. 

I really hope to structure my time better. I want to be able to figure out if I can separate and do guided math every day. I just couldn't figure out how to squeeze it in a 40 minute block, plus go over hw and clean up. I don't know if I'll be able to but I didn't really sit down and try that hard this year either. However, this year was a more successful one for me to do these guided math and rotation groups, so I'm learning every year. 

I am going to continue with projects for math. That excites the kids and I always make sure to have AT LEAST one every couple of days to keep the motivation going. I've learned that if you pair any type of work with some sort of art element to it, many students will gravitate towards it. 

I am definitely going to be keeping my rotations going. 

Here are some math products to help solidify some concepts! Click on the pictures to get you there. 

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