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Soooo I missed week one of this great summer link up series hosted by Where The Magic Happens.  It was about organization. I missed it because I didn't keep organized and forgot about it. Ironic much?

Look at all the other participants!! 

Math Workshop!

I'm going to talk about how I've attempted to set up a math workshop when I only have 40 minutes three days a week and 80 minutes twice a week. The 40 minute days are really tough to squeeze in everything I want to do. 

I guess this post may be helpful to those who also struggle with a lack of time to be able to have center rotations every day, plus squeeze in the math series. 

So this year, Mondays and Fridays is the 80 minute block. I take advantage of this time to have guided math and center rotations. I'll change out centers every couple of weeks because since we only have center time twice a week, they last. 

First up, we go over the homework from the workbook for the first five minutes or so. Then, I'll do a mini lesson for the concept of the day. Next, we do examples on the board and kids come up - which is their favorite part. What is it with writing on the board? I shouldn't talk though, I used to steal chalk so I could write on my little chalkboard at home in third grade. 

Next, we will start group rotations. I have a rotation chart in the back of the room. One group also does the textbook pages and I work with them. And the other three groups are rotating with about 5-7 kids per group. I have 27 kiddos this year. We work in about 10-12 minute rotations. 

The other three days, we start off the same way, but do the textbook pages together. At least once a week but usually twice, I will get in a project such as fraction hats, addition sundaes, etc. If students don't finish the project that day, they put it into their work folder and work on it during free time or before a center rotation when we get to it. 

I really hope to structure my time better. I want to be able to figure out if I can separate and do guided math every day. I just couldn't figure out how to squeeze it in a 40 minute block, plus go over hw and clean up. I don't know if I'll be able to but I didn't really sit down and try that hard this year either. However, this year was a more successful one for me to do these guided math and rotation groups, so I'm learning every year. 

I am going to continue with projects for math. That excites the kids and I always make sure to have AT LEAST one every couple of days to keep the motivation going. I've learned that if you pair any type of work with some sort of art element to it, many students will gravitate towards it. 

I am definitely going to be keeping my rotations going. 

Here are some math products to help solidify some concepts! Click on the pictures to get you there. 


  1. Hi Amna! This is my first time stopping by! Such a cute blog! I'm so intrigued by your schedule! I would imagine it's pretty challenging with such a varied schedule, but you seem to have got a good system going! I love all of your hands-on activities! Thanks for sharing!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

    1. Hi Theresa! I'm so glad you did stop by. I follow you on other social media. It IS challenging to fit in everything I want to in math. I feel like it would be so much easier if I just had like an extra 20 minutes each day.

  2. Cute photos...love the fox shape one! I don't know how you can squeeze everything into 40 minutes OR stretch it out to 80! It looks like you made it work though!

    - Katy
    First Grade Kate

    1. It's pretty tough! I hope they rearrange the schedule for next year!


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