Tips and Tools for Back to School Blog Hop Week 1

Get ready for a summer filled with Tips and Tools for Back to School. This is a sorrrttt of a blog hop...we hop once a week.. :) I am among an awesome group of teachers, The Primary Peeps, and we are going to bring to you resourceful tips throughout the summer. Each week, one of us will post about something. 

This week you just HAVE to go over to Leah from Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies, blog....ESPECIALLY if you are in 2nd grade. I just read about it today too and I am in awe of what she is offering to you for FREE! I cannot wait to implement it next year. Here is a sneak peak image of her tip for you!

OK, click on the blog image below to visit her!!

Stay tuned next week when Missy from Dirt Road Teacher gives us her tips and tools for back to school!

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