Five for Friday

I haven't done this linky since school ended...and also because my Iphone 16 gigs allows me no more space to take all I have on my phone are under 40 pics and I have no more space to take any unless I delete, and I can't delete them yet because they are all screenshots of ideas from all you amazing teachers, and I'm too lazy to upload them anywhere else....SO...that is the real reason I haven't linked up. 

We went to a beach this week that is off an island which is only ten minutes from me! How have I never been there before?? Here is my little one's first real experience...and boy did she love shoveling sand with a spoon into a plastic cup. This is the only real picture you will see in this post...please see above for the explanation as to why.. :)

I created a Star of the Week pack...lots of stuff included, plus a poster you could use as is or print to ledger size to give kids to fill out when they are the Star of the Week. Click the picture to take you to see the product!

I've been making behavior clip charts for various themes. Here are four that I've created so far. Any requests? Maybe I could do it.  P.S. everything in my store is 20 percent off today. 

I've been trying to play around with html this week. I don't even know what html is. Whatever. I tried to mess around with it to enhance a couple of features on my blog. I didn't really have a nicely done navigation bar on the top. So I made those buttons. Took FOREVER to get it. I also added a TpT widget and a Pinterest widget. Now there is a problem though with the TpT widget. I copied the exact codes off the site, but it is not showing MY is showing other peoples' products...products I've perused, but still NOT MINE. Anyone know how to fix that?? 

Laura from A Grace Filled Classroom is having a wonderful 200 TpT follower giveaway. I donated the above mentioned Star of the Week pack. Click on her blog icon below to take you to her site so you can enter!! 



  1. Wow! Love your themed clip charts! Looks like a big undertaking! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  2. Those HTML will get you every time! If I could get back the countless hours spent on trying to get those things correct. And once I did I had know clue how I did it!


    1. lol so true! I can't remember one step hahah

  3. Every Friday, we did sketch and colored it. Mostly teachers get learn from your post. Your tips are so amazing. At this time, you can avail the Interior Painting Services in Knoxville TN and get more related services.


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