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I am linking up with Julie from A First for Everything for her new linky party that recently started. We share some highs, as well as lows, from the week. 

SO I didn't get to post this yesterday, when it was supposed to go up, because I was too busy enjoying this wonderful HIGH! My husband's company had a picnic/fair for the all the employees. They pulled out all the stops and everything was free! My kids had a blast. My little one enjoyed the petting zoo, which was my favorite part too.

All three kiddos got to go horseback riding! How cute is she with her oversized helmet?

There was free food, free carnival games, free pictures, free bounce houses/slides, free boating, free swimming, free balloon animals, free arcade games, free, free, free!!! My older two even sat in the dunk tank and got dunked a bunch of times!

My low also involves my little one! Ever since I came back from Vegas, her beautiful sleep routine of two years has vanished. She slept over my parents for the five days. And ever since we came back, she won't sleep in her room anymore. She figured out how to jump the crib the first night we got back. She kept on doing it no matter how many times we put her in there. If she would wake in the middle of the night, she just jumped out and came to our room. So we converted the crib to the toddler bed so she doesn't get hurt. However, she just won't stay in it anymore! And then I get too lazy to constantly go back and put her in there, so I guess I am also to blame for the destruction of the routine..but I'm tired! No, I am going to fix this mess this week!!! I think.

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  1. Oh My, my sympathies entirely! I remember those days. Try bribery. She gets a sticker for every night or even hour she stays in her bed. And after a certain many stickers she gets a prize or a special outing.


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