Five for Friday - Sweetest Compliment Ever!

I LOVEEEE INSTAGRAM. I soo wish there was a "Pin It," option on it though. My whole phone photo album consists of screen shots from Instagram so that I can remember the ideas. But of course, if it is not something I will use right away, I usually forget about it. Thank goodness I saw this activity from Ashley (Schroeder's Shenanigans in 2nd) at the same time I was teaching it to my kiddos. Kids played odd and even ball. They wrote a two digit number on a sticky note, crumpled it up, threw it around the room, picked up someone else's, and recorded whether it was odd or even on the recording sheet. You can find the template for this on Ashley's blog HERE. 

I love my "Show What You Know," board. I had no other space in my room except on the side of a book shelf. I made sticky note clip art templates with student numbers on them. At the end of the day sometimes, they have to answer a specific question dealing with something they learned that day and attach it to their number. I tell them they have to get it right before they can leave.... ;)

Here is the title and sticky note template if you'd like it! Click HERE. Clipart is my Zip A Dee Doo Dah Designs and KG Fonts.

Thank you Creekside Teacher Tales for this amazing craftivity for learning the Scientific Method. Prior to making this, we practiced, and practiced, and watched videos, and sequenced, and did interactive notebook pages, on the Scientific Method. But the best part of course, was when they got to make their "Mad Scientist." They had to sequence the steps on the beaker, which I used for assessment as well.

Fun alert. which kid does not like using dry erase markers? I found these compartmentalized foam plates and thought of how we were learning how to represent numbers in different ways this week with place value. I had them write the numbers in different ways on the foam plate. So far, these are the three ways we learned. Next week, we will learn another way - word form, and then we can add them on to the foam plate as well for additional practice. This type of activity could probably be used for tons of different ideas. 

And finally, I think this is the sweetest gesture I've ever seen from a student. She was too shy to show it to me but one of her friends did. This little girl had found my yearbook picture from last year. She cut it out and put it in a locket to keep with her. Howwwww sweet. I can't get over it... :) 

Alrighty folks, tomorrow I get to go to a PICKLE FESTIVAL!! Ohhh, I loveeee fall time. 


  1. Friend, I MISS YOU!!!

    I really just wanted to tell you that :)

    Also, my phone is also filled with IG screen shots too! I was just looking at them this morning! Someone the other day said, "Oh my gosh, you have over 2,000 pictures on your phone?" And I said," Uh yea. I have dogs and am obsessed with teachers that I don't know." Hehe. :)

    Also, that locket is just precious. What a sweetie pie!

    Missing Tooth Grins

    1. lolll what should we do about this IG problem?? I delete my kids' pictures sometimes to fit in screen shots. but I am soo jealous of 2000 pictures. I can't even get more than 50 on my 16 gb iphone..why?/ I don't think I have more apps than the normal person and still!! and I miss you tooooo!

  2. I love the scientists!!!!! They are fantastic! I also have an entire album of IG screen shots!! Hope your week was great!!!!

    1. Yea they came out neat...and love that it included such a great learning element to it! Thanks for stopping by NOelle

  3. Now a pickle festival sounds like so much fun! That's one I haven't heard of yet. :) The scientists turned out great and what a smart cookie you are thinking of a fun way to use the foam plates...going to have to remember that one. Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Joya :)

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