Solar System Activities

So I've been off this week! I know some teachers have off for fall break, but we had the week off for a religious holiday since I work in a private school. Soo...not much school related stuff this week happening... :).....except for this next project!

Students put the phases of the moon template on a paper plate and then carve the cream on the Oreos to resemble the phases of the moon. For extra assessment, they have to write the phases around the paper plate. A template with the phases written is also available for differentiation.

I had started a space unit before the summer, and then I dropped it! It was around 50 pages at the time. I finally picked it back up on Tuesday and added more than 100 pages to the file. It's my biggest project yet and I am so excited about all the possibilities in it. TODAY ONLY, you can grab it for 40% off - only $6 for the whole unit!

Interactive Notebook flaps for different planets are available in this Solar System Unit

Students keep track of the moon phases with this diary. They have to draw what the moon looks like over the period of a moth and describe the phase as well.

Students put their own picture next to the alien in the spaceship. Then, they write about their outer space alien adventure!

Planet reports- students get a template of a planet to color and cut out. They get a research report organizer where they gather their facts and then use that organizer to write their report.

Learn about how the earth revolves around the sun with this interactive rotating craft

Students get to create this large astronaut. This is a great conclusion to a solar system unit because they can write about everything they have learned that they remember and attach to the astronaut.

Ok the rest of this post is dedicated to two of my favorite things; my baby girl and my coffee. 

Here is a "hack," I learned off those life hack posts that go trending. Toddlers can squeeze all the juice out of a juice box, BUT, if you lift up the two side flaps, they can hold it from there instead!!

Since I had the week off, we enjoyed some fall weather at the park. 

We also took a short trip to Montreal. Here she is, being a true half Canadian and ice-skating with dad. 

And I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I got this K-cup sampler pack from Amazon delivered to my door. 40 something cups and each one is a different flavor. But not just any flavors- CRAZYYYY, yummy, unique flavors. You can find them here. 

Have a great day!!


  1. OMG! I am about to have my second cup of coffee for the afternoon and will then seriously check out your coffee link! Your daughter is precious!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. We did the moon activity with the oreos about two weeks ago!! Such a great one!!!

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