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What an honor to be able to participate in this ginormous blog hop! And what an opportunity for all the readers out there as well to be able to have a chance to win such luxurious prize packs!

Today, I'd love to share a few of my favorite things with you. 

Favorite Store
Hands down, my favorite store is HOME GOODS. I had never stepped into one until 2012 when I moved to a new town where it was next to my second favorite store, Target. Walking in there was love at first sight. I had to decorate my new home and basically all the decorative items were bought there. 

You can get the most random stuff there, and so well priced. 

Here are a couple of things I got when I was doing my house decor.

Gorgeous vase going with my dining room color palette exactly (purple and green)

Then, I found the perfect painting to match my colors. The three tier cupcake stand I got from the store as well has never been used for cupcakes, but it's pretty decoration!

How did I find bathroom paintings perfect for the color in my bathroom??!

Poor lighting, but the pillows and pictures are also from Home Goods.

 Love all the color combos and styles they come out with.

P.S. My gift that I am donating is a gift card to this beautiful store. 

Favorite Restaurant

Ok, this is so cliche and I can't believe I can't think of another restaurant that I prefer...but..Red Lobster it is. Honestly..its the biscuits. And the Caesar salad that is drenched in that fatty dressing and soggy croutons. And the tons of cheap sea food options. And the Shirley temple that I ask for with extra cherries in. Gosh, I just love it.

Favorite Teaching Thing a majig

This has recently come near the top of my favorite teaching related items - MAGNETIC TAPE...on a tape dispenser. It's so thin and cute..and it kind of reminds me of  the Bubble Yum bubble gum dispenser thing. I would compare it to that consistency.. :)

Anyway, this is PERFECT for hanging things on the board. I put up my teaching related posters for the week on the white board with this tape, I put up my incentive class group points chart thing with this tape, and so much more.  SO you just rip off a piece, put the sticky side on the thing you want stuck, and put it up. Super simple. 

Here is the link to it on Amazon. It's 6 bucks. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my random favorite things!

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  1. Homegoods is my FAVORITE!!!! You can find such gems their for your house. I also love Kirklands.. it's like homegoods. I shared about it on my post. As a matter of fact, I find bargains for my house and know that we are renovating I love to go on the weekend.
    Loved your post, thanks for sharing.
    :0) Melissa
    more time 2 teach

  2. Yes, yes, yes to magnetic tape dispenser. I don't know what took me so long to discover this but I didn't learn about it until a few years ago. It is SO easy to use and so much better than the bulky magnetic roll that you try to get to stick but it wants to roll up. I use it at home too to quickly stick pictures to our fridge. So awesome and affordable!

  3. Thanks for the tip about the magnetic tape. I will have to look for that!
    Adele @ Smart Teaching


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