February Currently

First. I totalllllly forgot that I am February's "Host/Sponsor" for Farley's Currently post!! I haven't even done a Currently in a while, but this month is a must of course. 


Soo..a few months back I took away my daughter's IPad for a consequence. I guess I took it away for so long that we both forgot about it. I took it out the other day to get on it and we both couldn't remember the password! My kids come up with random number passwords so the other sibling can't get in. Well...no one can get in now! So I just finished connecting it to ITunes and having to factory restore it. Hope she didn't have important stuff on there... ;)


So the reason I have been out of the loop for a while is because I am going through the fatigue of pregnancy. Now I'm in my second trimester, but up until about two weeks ago I was just out of commission on all aspects. One of the weird things that happened was that I started hating the test of my morning coffee. And if any one knows me, that's insane. I knowww I should give up coffee during pregnancy but I need at least a cup and a half a day. So while I was not able to drink coffee, I switched to tea. Not bad, but didn't give me my morning kick start. I'm loving that finally about a week ago, I could start drinking coffee again. Thanks taste buds. And baby for allowing me to drink it again. 


Does anyone else use the clean dishes out of the dishwasher for a couple of days instead of putting them back in the cabinets, and lets the other dishes pile up, and when the sink is full, then that's when you empty your dishwasher, but by this time, it's already almost empty, so you cut your workload essentially in half? :)))


I am going to try to get to Verizon today to get the IPhone 5S. I'm finally due for an upgrade and my screen has been cracked on my 5 for 6 months. Instead of spending a hundred bucks to fix that, I'll spend 200 on the 5S. I thought about getting the IPhone 6 but that's another hundred and I don't really need it that bad. 


Back in December, there was an airline glitch. An airline had massively low fairs to United Arab Emirates. And even better, the dates corresponded for my mid winter break in February. I mean, the tickets were cheaper than flying out domestically somewhere! I can't wait to go to Dubai and see the tallest building - the Burj Khalifa..and just experience what everyone talks about when they go there. But it's only two weeks away and I haven't prepared at all!! 

Pageant Title

Miss 30 Something Year Old Teeny Bopper. I think that's self explanatory. 

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  1. I just did all of our dishes last night. Boy, what that a chore! xoxo
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  2. I am so the same way on dishes... I hate doing them!

    Dubai... how exciting! I've never been overseas.

    The Kinder Garden

  3. I totally understand the password thing! I forget mine all the time. I know you shouldn't use the same ones for everything but sometimes its just easier that way!!
    You will LOVE Dubai, my friend is a flight attendant for their airline and she is currently living there and loves it!

  4. Glad you're starting to feel a bit better! So jealous you're going to Dubai, heard it's amazing! Have a blast!!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

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