2 Ingredient SNOW

It's winter break time for a lot of you. And if you have a toddler or younger child at home, you know you'll never really have a "break." But I'm here today to show you how you CAN have a..let's say in real honest time, because how much attention span can a 3 year old have...?....you can have a half an hour break! woo hooooooooo!!

Of course this is also a really fun sensory activity or just plain time killer filler in the classroom as well.

2 Ingredient Snow!

You'll need:
Shaving Cream
Baking Soda

You'll also need some sort of bin to make this stuff in. And if you want a nice scent, put a couple of drops of some extract such as peppermint. 

This is my husband's "good," shaving cream. I ran out of my usual dollar tree stuff for these types of activities. He also does not know that I used it but he will probably suspect something come Monday when he needs to shave and there are just a few dollops left in there. 

Now..measurement of ingredient wise...it's sort of guess and check. I used 3/4 of the baking soda box and about half the shaving cream can. But I would say start off with some squeezes of the shaving cream, mix, see the consistency, add more, mix, see...repeat pattern. You want it to get to a soft fluffy stage that doesn't leave sticky or wet residue in your hand, and it can be molded in your hand as well. 

I did about 4 of those sized shaving cream squirts

Now the best part was inviting my daughter to come see what I had created for her,
 (or me to have a mini break, however you see it). 

First seeing what I have! Happiness!

Slowly reaching for it...

molding it and posing...

letting go... and her hand has a little powder on it but nothing sticky and nothing that can't be swiped away

Full fledged play mode


Now go give yourself a break!


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